New CD

Music by Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos

Recorded Live at Roulette 1999

Andrew Bolotowsky, flutes
Mary Hurlbut, soprano
Theresa Salomon, violin
Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos, voices

Anne Tardos
Jackson Mac Low





The Tarmac Books and Music label was founded in the early 1980s by Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos, with their cassette “Songs and Simultaneities,” featuring compositions by both TARdos and MAC Low. This CD, “Music by Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos,” is the record of a live performance at the New York performance space Roulette in 1999, and was produced in 2006 by Andrew Bolotowsky and Anne Tardos.

For Armand Schwerner (1999) [first realization] was written collaboratively by Mac Low and Tardos in memory of their friend and poet. To make the scores, they compiled a long multilingual list of words and names that are spelled with the letters of Armand’s name. They drew words from the list to make the four gathas. Later, Mac Low arranged short melodies in pseudo-measures of quarter notes. The instrumentalists and vocalizing singers are co-composers of each performance.

Nine Considerations (1999) are Tardos’s rhyming poems she set to music.

UXU-DUO for Flute and Violin (1999) was written for Andrew Bolotowsky and Theresa Salomon and its composition was not based on any text. Tardos entered the music playing a controller keyboard.

In Songs from Uxudo (1999), Tardos set some of the poems in her book Uxudo to music, without using any other method than listening to the words. Mary Hurlbut reads the poems before she sings the songs.

22nd Merzgedicht in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters (1988) is a work, in which Mac Low asked each instrumentalist to play the notation as accurately as possible, while being free to choose tempos, timbres, and other parameters. The speakers, Tardos and Mac Low choose and read poems from the whole book of 42 Merzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters.

For Armand Schwerner [second realization] with Four Gathas in Memoriam Armand Schwerner by Tardos and Mac Low, in which the instrumentalists and vocalizing soprano perform from both scores, moving freely from one place to another in any of them. All performers listen intently, play, speak, or sing freely within the limits of the scores and general instructions, and often fall silent, always relating cosciously with whatever they hear.

(from program notes by JML and AT)



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Track 1 (10:13) (Mac Low):
For Armand Schwerner (1999) [first realization]
Flute, soprano, violin
Listen to 43 second excerpt (mp3) [Listen]

Track 2 (21:10) (Tardos):
Three Cycles (1999)
   a. Nine Considerations (1999)
   Flute, violin, speaker    
   Listen to 2:47 minute excerpt (mp3) [Listen]

   b. UXU-DUO, for Flute and Violin
   Listen to 1:56 minute excerpt (mp3) [Listen]

   c. Songs from her book UXUDO (1999)
   Soprano, flute, violin
   Listen to 56 second excerpt (mp3) [Listen]

Track 3 (14:49) (Mac Low):
22nd Merzgedicht in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters (1988)
[instrumental version] and excerpts from his book
42 Merzgedichte in Memoriam Kurt Schwitters
Flute and speakers
Listen to 55 second excerpt (mp3) [Listen]

Track 4 (15:28) (Mac Low, Tardos):
For Armand Schwerner (1999) [second realization]
Soprano, flute, violin, and speakers



Jackson Mac Low and Anne Tardos collaborated for over two decades in verbal and musical works. Mac Low published 32 books of poetry. Tardos, a poet and visual artist wrote five books and the multimedia performance work and radio play "Among Men." She has edited Thing of Beauty: New and Selected Works by Jackson Mac Low, to appear from the University of California Press, in the fall of 2007.  

Mac Low and Tardos met 1975; the two lived and worked together from 1978 until Mac Low’s death in 2004.






Mary Hurlbut: “Music for awhile shall all your cares beguille...”




Theresa Salomon has appeared in many European festivals. As a performer of contemporary chamber music she has worked with many ensembles, including the STX Ensemble Xenakis, and the SEM Ensemble. She has recorded for Vandenburg and Tzadik Labels. Ms. Salomon worked with Tardos and Mac Low since 1995.




Andrew Bolotowsky was, is, and will be, etc.